Forearm Locked Nail

      •  Reduced surgical exposure & decreased periosteal stripping.
      • No need of immobilization postoperatively In locked nails Static interlocking provides rotational control & stable fixation for active exercises postoperatively.
      • Possiblity to use in children with small diameter nails by making an entry point without crossing open growth plates.
      • Useful in fractures near radial head as Plates placed high on dorsal surface of radius may trap posterior interosseous nerve underneath & also lack of space for application of plates.

Brochure Forearm Interlocking Nail – Download PDF Here

Intramedullary fixation of forearm fractures: Indian Journal of Orthopaedics 2011 – Download PDF Here

Case:Compound Segmental Fracture Shaft Ulna


(a) segmental fracture ulna Before Surgery

(b) well aligned fracture fragments after insertion and locking of nail After Surgery

(c) good union achieved after 6 months Union After 6 Months

(d) well remodeled fracture after implant removal After Implant Removal

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